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Getting Turned Away from Fostering Refugee Children in PA

My wife and I live in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. My wife is an emergency medicine physician and I formerly worked in the pharmaceutical industry but with the birth of our first daughter in June 2015, I became a stay at home mom. From the beginning, creating a family and children has been a cornerstone of our relationship, and being parents to our 2 daughters brings us immense joy.

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Diane's Foster to Adopt Journey

“Can you take a 13-year-old Caucasian boy?” I got the call in my office, just after lunch. It was the call my wife and I had been waiting for–our first foster placement. It caught me at work, my wife incommunicado at her job for the afternoon. But foster care training had emphasized checking in with each other every morning on whether we would be open to a placement that day, so that whoever got the call could say yes or no on the spot. I was ready.

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Our Foster to Adoption Journey

“It is comforting to know that during such an important time we do not need to hide who we are or worry that someone along the way will use their personal bias to determine we are unworthy parents for our daughter.  It is also heartbreaking to know that while there are thousands of children in need of great homes like ours, many potential LGBT parents are unable to open their hearts and their doors to these children due to the discrimination that remains throughout the system.”

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