Fulton County's 2018 Foster Parents of the Year

Brandi Chevere-Ralston
Atlanta, GA 

My wife and I have been foster parents since Oct 2016. We have cared for 10 children so far. 
Our adoption hearing for our 2-year-old daughter is this month. We were voted Fulton County foster parents of the year for 2018, despite the belief that we shouldn't be able to be foster or adoptive parents by some. 

We haven't experienced discrimination, but every document we sign pertaining to being foster and adoptive parents reads "husband and wife," which doesn't apply for our family.

I oppose discrimination in foster care and adoption based on religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity because children need loving, nurturing homes. There are currently over 14000 children in foster care in the state of Georgia. There aren't enough foster homes already, and eliminating a child's ability to find a loving safe space by preventing qualified and loving people from giving them that based on religion, sexual orientation or gender identity is just wrong. It hurts children in the long run and would leave them in the system unnecessarily.