State Bills: Kansas

Passed: 2018


UPDATE: May 18, 2018

Governor Jeff Colyer has signed SB 284 into law, making Kansas the second state in the nation to enact anti-LGBTQ legislation in 2018 (alongside Oklahoma), specifically targeting the foster care and adoption system.


Over 80 Kansas-based and national faith leaders and organizations called on Kansas Governor Jeff Colyer to veto SB 284. 

In a joint letter, the faith leaders and organizations affirm their commitment to religious freedom and celebrate the important work of faith-based child welfare agencies but caution against the distortion of religious freedom as an excuse to discriminate. The letter rejects the notion that faith-based child welfare agencies should be allowed to put their faith above the best interests of the children they serve, stating that:

[religious] freedom doesn’t give anyone the right to impose their beliefs on others, or to put children in harm’s way. To argue that religious freedom justifies the use of taxpayer dollars to discriminate against children and prospective parents is a distortion of such freedom, and a misunderstanding of civil rights law.”